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So, do you think you are capable of killing someone? Follow this URL:

This one right here

My own results:

Probability of killing, 83%

You have seen much death, either in reality or in entertainment. you may hav killed someone already, or have tried to kill yourself. You probably need to see a psychiatrist for help. Avoid making enemies at all costs, and pursue a happy hobby

(and by the way, I see myself capable of killing someone rather easily)

EDIT: forgot to add the poll :P: but enjoy anyways.
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32 %.

What can I say? I'm a wimp.
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"Probability of killing, 29%" I think thats a really lame test, doesn't prove anything.
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what the fock my bloody parental controls blocked...damn i prolly would have had an interesting score too
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And on "How likely are you to go postal" I got 65%. I'm a sociopath (COULD be that I answered "yes" on "have you currently any plans to kill large amounts of people in a public place?")
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A guy from Norway with a bottle of beer in his hand.

Now with all the money in the world
You can't buy my respect
Yeah, it's just a matter of pride
But that's all I've got left
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Way higher than I was thinking it'd be.
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this quiz said I have a 96 percent chance! And that I have an overexposure to death (ogrish much?), but I dont think that has anything to do with it >
48.... i probably could if angry and on drugs and or alcohol but would regret it
63% for me.
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Probability of killing, 94%

You have killed someone, or tried to kill yourself many times. You may have many enemies and noone to help you. Over exposure to death will ultimately cause you to break easily. Consider yourself a danger to society. Seek professianal help immediately! gonna get raped!!
54%. Seems low.
I guess thats a good thing

*feels whimpy*
I got fifty-five, but if provoked I would have little/no problem with killing a person so long as I don't get arrested. I declare shenanigans on that quiz!
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Probability of killing, 51%

You have probably seen death. You watch too many horror flicks, play too much violent videogames, or probably exposed to death by where you live. or maybe you have lots of problems with enemies or have little self-esteem. The factors add up that you need to avoid situations or people that could push you to that point.
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i got like 65% but im a pretty nice person... i would kill someone if it meant saving someone nice, or if someone did something really wrong, but not just for the fun of it
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98%...hmm I think I maybe a sick f*ck
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Start your way from killing hobos to civilized people.
You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to, so when they turn their back on you, you get a chance to put the knife in.
41% Thats actually higher than I expected..........
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50% ...and yeah I would never kill anybody unless I absolutley had to for self-defense or if they bring back the draft and I have to go to war or something f***ed up like that.

Some of those questions are real bs though. I'm sure you get points just for being male, and having access to firearms, I'm male and I own several firearms/knives, I also took almosy 8 years of karate. I'm also an eagle scout... all of my interest in weapons and self-defense was simply from a perspective of trying to better myself, which increased my self-esteem and made me less likely to kill, of course the survey never takes anything such as that into account.
i think its funny one of the questions is "have you hurt or killed anybody"
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"Probability of killing, 29%" I think thats a really lame test, doesn't prove anything.

all these tests are moronic and don't prove anything
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