I'm in standard tuning, and wanting to learn the basics. I know this is probably posted somehwere and get flamed, i'm sorry. It's a ****ty squire i'm borrowing from a friend but it's all I got and i'm bored in college. I want to learn on accoustic first, then move to electric so i can get the struming and chrods down as its' hard to press on teh accoustic and makes the fingers in shape easier.

well, what should I learn from? tabs? chords? anything?

I want to teach myself, so teachers are out of the book.
up at the very top of his page... there's a link that says "Lessons"

check those out.
Yeah, definitely check the lessons link. My advice to you is learn some really easy simple songs that don't involve chords (mary had a little lamb, and stupid little tunes like that) and then learn chords on top of that. Its much more encouraging when you can pick a little tune while tyring to learn instead of requiring chords that you don't know yet in order to play a song. (if that makes any sense at all)
i got an idea. get a chord book, learn chords for a month and practice changing from chord to chord. then learn a simple g c d song. and the biggist thing is to just go play the thing. online forums all though helpfull does not make you a good guitarplayer. so just play it.
wat tapenen
Sumtimes learning by ur self sucked bc theres no one to correct u... if i was you, i ask that friend of yours to teach me with basic major chords and picking or strumming, that way u got sum1 to correct u. Practice each chords u learned 15 minutes a day to memorize them n make ur fingers flexible.. moving on to solo's is a different story