Jackson has no customer support through their websight that I could find so here I am. I bought a used Jackson Warrior MG (WRMG) that Im pretty certain is a 2001 model. I found a sight that listed colors for these guitars by year....cant find it now. Its gold with metal flake if that helps anyone. Anyway, the modern versions of WRMG's come with active EMG's: an 81 at the bridge and an 85 at the neck. There is a pot switch you pop up and spin to make them active. My guitar has this pot switch, has a 9Volt battery, wont work without it. Obviously active pups in it, but they have EMG-HZ printed on the front. I thought EMG-HZ were passive. Did EMG make active HZ's back in 2001?

These pups sure sound like the 81/85 set. Very clear and sharp at the bridge, thick and bassy at the neck. The one at the neck seems to have more output...characteristic of an 85...hmmmm.

No, HZs are passive, and always were. Your Jackson (most likely) has an EMG Afterburner, which is a battery-powered gizmo that lets you dial in a gain boost.

Here's some info on it.
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