About 3 weeks ago i bought new Martin Sp Acoustic Strings (11s) and i picked up my guitar to play it today and the 1st and 2nd strings are starting to rust, when i touch them i get the orange sh!t on my fingers....

IS this normal?

why are the strings rusting already? the only reason i could think it because i leave it out in my room, and not in a case so the air is hittin it constantly, but i wouldnt think that would happen. I use the guitar everyday so its not like its from non-use...

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Umm... Its probibly from your fingers. If you use it everyday make sure your hands are clean and dry. Every once in a while wipe your hands on your pants too. Change the strings when you get a chance.
It could be that there is a lot of moisture in the air. Where abouts do you live?

You could also use string cleaner, such as "Fast fret" or something.

If that doesn't clean them up, then change them.
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i thought about that but its even rusting in places i dont touch like around the 15-18 frets

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maybe put a dehumidifier in your room... well if theres alot of moisrure in your room thats bad for a lot of things not just your guitar (such ar your respitory system) and could make strings rust
too much moisture causes rust, thats basic science, if you live in a humid envorioment that would be a good reason, also playing a lot can cause it too, back when i was playing for 4+ hours a day it'd only take'em about a month to start rusting so i can imagine combining that with a humid enviroment would make it that much quicker.
between the 15-18 fret area is where your face would be if you leaned on your guitar, maybe your breathing on the strings and making humidity? hahah
very small chances but it could happen.

Probally cuz of humidity. But it could be from you touching it, in that case try wiping your strings with a cloth after playing, or every night.
Or put the guitar in the case every night.
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Well humidity is a possibility but i live near philly and its been less humid and cooler since the fall is coming, but moisture might be it, im gettin a new guitar in the coming months so i'll deal with rusted strings for now.

Thanks everyone for their input..i just needed to know what it could be
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its not rust, its remnants from the cheetos u ceremonially eat before every time u play