Hey guys,

I've been playing electric for awhile now and I'm getting pretty good at it... I have a 60th Anniversary Standard Stratocaster that I love to death and wouldn't part with.

Anyways, a couple of friends and I are looking at putting together a band but we are missing a bass player... We have 3 guitarists and a drummer... I volunteered to play bass because no one else would and I could go for a change.

How hard is the switch from electric to bass?

And is the 60th Anniversary Standard Precision Bass an alright bass?
your fingers will have to press harder and you have keep to the rythm more than before
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you are my new hero cause i do the exact same thing but i suck at it

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Yeah It should be easier. Unless it's like a jazz ensemble. Then Your ****ed.
And how rich are you affording a 60th anniversary strat AND Bass?
Harder than you think... Bass is very frustrating to start after guitar. All you fingers will be too weak and you'll get hand cramps at first that will hurt like a bitch. Oh yeah, and if you're pretty good at electric you'll suck at bass for awhile and its back to square one.
Very frustrating. Keep with it and you'll probably turn out fine though.

What kind of band is it going to be>?
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And how rich are you affording a 60th anniversary strat AND Bass?

They are both just the Standards (MIM), not the Americans so they aren't too much...

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What kind of band is it going to be>?

More or less classic rock type music we're thinking althought we might deviate to mordern rock or even metal.
Well to play some simple basslines it comes quite easy.

But if you wanna get good at bass it takes time. I wouldn't say its like starting from scratch though, as the guitar experience generally helps. But you gotta practice lots. (I.e don't treat it as just a band thing)
What I did when I was in your situation was start with a pick as it will probably feel more natural at first, and will help kick start you in the band quicker, then you should gradually move on to fingers so then later on you'll be good at both(which is handy) and work on rythm more.

I started playing bass a year and a bit ago after 7 years guitar experience, and I'd say I play my guitar and bass pretty evenly throughout the day.and enjoy them both for different reasons.

The bottom line is.....IT IS NOT AN ELECTRIC GUITAR. So don't play it like one.