My band performing AATW live in Glasgow, Scotland


just click on all along the watchtower. third one down

Everything is really tight, and the vocals are great!
The only thing that needs work is the lead guitarist...
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... ah, the bliss of ignorience!
lol thanks man. yeh, the leads pretty hard tho; not far of it tho eh?
thanks again
lead guitar sounded great, nice tone, great singer, everything sounded really tight.
Thanks for that - its rare to find a really good Hendrix (Dylan) cover on here
Your singer is awesome.
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thanks guys

dugg? what does that mean? lol

Aww, you left out the awesome wah-wah bit! Otherwise it sounded pretty damn cool, especially the singing. Lead guitar had the tone pretty well nailed, but the playing sounded a bit sloppy in parts. Hit all the bends properly though, which is the important thing in a Hendrix song.
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I liked the lead vibrato, kind of a narrow but fast, like Page or Iommi.
thanks man
yeah, theres a few hiccups in the lead. probabaly because its live and we do it a little faster
thanks for pointing it out tho, il mkae sure it gets sorted

I love Hendrix and you played it basically perfectly. Great work man.
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wow, great, just great, so entertaining to listen to. i hope some day i can play like that.

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cheers guys. haha im sure one day u will
That sounded great, i love the singer's voice. Guitar playing wasnt bad either. I'd like to hear more.
thanks man. yeah we're gonan get soem studio recording, we'll probabaly record AATW along with a few origninals, that way we can get the guitars 100%

Singer is good, leads are kinda lacking. I heard muted notes. It would also be nice if you made up your own solo instead of just using Jimi's. Drums were nice.
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That singers voice is awesome!!!!! The lead parts were ok. They could use a little work. Bass is great. Drums were awesome.
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thanks guys. yeah liek iv said, the lead has a few hiccups, but i think thats cos its live...and its reasonably hard lol