damage plan that was awesome. normally i would have said 1 min 20 would be too long for an intro but the guitars were so awesome it didnt matter. the solo was spot on and sounded very proffesional. i wasnt entirely sure about the singing tho. the vocals were a little weak for this type of song but i still loved it 9/10

when hearts collide good job. i prefered your other song tho. the riffs werent quite as good and lyrrics felt rushed in the chorus. still good tho 7.5/10

sorry i didnt have time to review you other song.
Smexy. =]
Yeah the intro to damage plan, sounded very early metallica-ish to me. So naturally I loved it. It got my feet moving. The Vocals don't really fit this kind of music to me. I think you need to get a more growly vocal sound, although I liked the pre-chorus vocals. It seemed like at the start of the chorus you couldn't decide what sound you wanted ''Hmm shall I go with deep, or normal'', so it seemed abit undecisive.
My favourite it would be the 'breakdown' after the second chorus, I LOVED that part. Again deeper more growly vocals would work IMO. The solo had good tone, and fitted the tone.
Loving the wah, bit more creative licks and it think it would be perfect.
Overall, very good, but I think you need a new vocalist. Btw Outro solo = awesomeness

Whats the Point. I liked the intro solo to this, lovely tone, reminded me of Guns N Roses a little bit. I'll be honest. I don't think I like your vocalist overall. Not really very interesting. If he reads this, its nothing personal . His voice fits this song more than the other one. Tbh i liked this one more than The damage plan. Good song. The solo sounded ALOT like Civil War solo by GnR...awfully alot like it, although i think its longer, so obviously it can't be the same at that tempo, still I liked it.

When Heart collide. I liked the opening riff, I think you're a very good guitarist, I didn't like the riff that was played when the vocalist sings. I don't like this one as much. Tbh I don't really have much to say except I liked your tone. The bets bit is the bit just before the solo and the solo itself. That was eaisly the best thing I heard in all the songs. Really well done.

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I agree with the growly voice comment. The guitars are so awesome and the riffs are spot on , you should get a better vocalist. he just sounds like elvis + some emo guys singing at the same time. No offense. was good though.
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Damage Plan : Hammet..I dont think you coulda put that any better-Elive and some emos..I think the singer would be a good backing singer for some reason..does he play any instrument cause I think he should just play that and do backing vocals..my opinion anyways...from 3;20 to 3;45 I like your singers voice..tell him to try n keep to that if he can I loved the little finishing solo!