i play indie rock and am considering buying a fender hot rod deville 212. would it be worth it to save up for a higher end fender or a vox? which one?

also, what kind of overdrive pedal would be good for bands like cartel and the academy is... through the amp?

i posted something like this yesterday but i didn't get too many specifics.

i'd like to stay under $1200 total with the amp and pedals.
since when is a fender hot rod deville not a higher end amp? at $700 bucks that amp is awesome. But! i may be saying that because i bought it. I love the cleans on it. for the distortions i use a boss od-2 which is everything I need personally. For the bands you listed im sure theres other people on there who would know more about what you need then i do
yeah, come to think of it theres not really any higher end fenders other than reissues and the twins. so yeah. ur right.