I just got the iaxe 393 from behringer along with an amp from the same company, does anybody know much about this USB guitar?
I got one. Things seemed a bit off when I first got the thing. The software that came with the package didn't seem to work for me on my pc. After a few calls to tech support and some try this, try that crap, the conclusion was my sound card in the pc didn't support the whole deal. The USB feature is now pretty much useless.

The iAXE393: The truss rod on the one I received was cranked all the way tight which caused the strings to buzz really bad on the first fret. I cut all the cheap strings off and adjusted the truss rod bit and re-strung with some D'Addario EXL110's. After a few days the neck settled in pretty well and the buzzing was gone. Since the pc software was not an option for me I had to look at at getting an amp. I went with a Marshall MG15CD and added a digitech grunge effects pedal.

After all that I now have a decent amp and decent effects pedal with a piece of crap guitar. The guitar is Ebay bound within a few days and I'll be getting me something that doesn't come in a package deal.

Sorry to revive such a dated post but I think a lot of people looking at taking up the guitar should be aware of the junk that exists in the market. Do some research, and ask questions before you buy anything. You will be much happier and glad that you did!

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