i cant find ebony or rosewood blanks anywhere where i live.
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You can make a plastic fret board. Or metal one. They just wouldn't sound very good.
But maple is good.
yup, check out some fenders. They have a ton of guitars with all sorts of maple fret boards.

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what kind of maple? hard rock or soft?
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Quote by Gymmeh
It's not a blank like a rosewood one.

It's the whole Neck, made into a fretboard.

Am I right?

Noope you can apply the same principals as other woods to maple and use a piece of maple as a fretboard, too. There are, however, one piece maple necks with skunk stripes! So partialy correct.
^ you can do it like that or make it as a neck and fretboard, fitting the truss rod is less trouble if its a separate fretboard.
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