Hey guys I am going to be buying a guitar capo and I was wondering if you would give me some of your great UG advice.

I am pretty new to guitar and my mother is making a special request for me to learn American Soldier to play for my brother when he comes home from Iraq in November.

I don't normally listen to much less play country but I am going to do this for her. It requires a Capo.

So I need to buy a Capo. Any advice on which one works good or maybe which ones to avoid would be great.
I have a Kaiser Quick-Change Capo. They work great.

I'm not sure how well-liked those are here, but I like mine.
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i love my kaiser quick-change capo. its the easiest one to use. i got 2 of em but the other one is too tight so it doesnt stay on the guitar as well. get a kaiser
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I'd have to agree... buy one that clamps on. There are some that roll on and there are some that are like rubber bands... the clamping kind is the easiest to use and most practical.
Kyser is good but i prefer the trigger capo.

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All capos should do the job, but the Quick Lock clamping capos are the best to use.
Lol, I got this $8 (Aus) capo in my first acoustic guitar kit, and i broke it cos I accidently put too much tension on it. Then again, it was only made out of plastic and felt.

The quick locks you'd wanna go for if your gonna use capos alot, because their the fastest and easiest way to put on a capo, only problem is, they cost about $40 (Aus)

I think there are a couple of $20 (Aus) capos floating around, which arent made of plastic and felt, but just arent as convenient etc as a Quick Lock.

I, myself, havn't used a capo since my dodgy one broke, and the Bass player in my band has a Quick Lock anyway, lol