I'm hoping someone can help me with a problem I have. This morning I started playing and the sound coming from my guitar was horrendous. Very very dull that is. The other day I drove a few hours and brought my guitar, not thinking that keeping it in my car could make something go wrong. I think that may have been the problem and that I have to do sometihng inside the neck. What exactly would I have to do? Tighten the truss rod or whatever the hell it is? I would greatly appreciate one of you, who know ten times more than I , to tell me what to do? Thanks guys
Did you bring your amp? Your controls may have been bumped. Or any big bumpsKnoking your pickups?
And unless your car flew into the sky, your truss rod is good.
Is it an Ibanez? That would be the problem. To be fair, a neck wouldn't warp dramatically that quickly and even if it did, it wouldn't make the guitar sound dull. Please define dull or give some sound clips of before/after it being 'dull'. Have you made sure the tone knobs are all the way up?
Could you record it or something for us?

By "dull" do you mean muddy and undefined notes, or flat (pitch wise)?

You may have knocked a wire loose, but I haven't got a clue.
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I will record something for you. I will do it first with the guitar with the bad sound and then i'll do it with another so you can see the difference.... thanks
I'm having the same problem. I played a bit last night, came back today, and when I play a G chord for example the low E, and A is dull. Help?
sorry Hanzfest, which is the one with the problem? First or second? It seems strange this can happen. Are you sure you've checked your tone knobs on the guitar and the EQ on the amp?

It could be the pickups are secured to the guitar poorly and have become uneven (so its lower on the effected strings, which would make the signal weaker, or dull). I can't think of anything else.
The first one is the problem. Yeah I've checked the knobs on the guitar and I know the amp is fine because it sounds ok with my other guitar. Thanks for you help anyway fellas, sorry I can't explain it any better and that the recording quality is to crappy to tell a difference.
You checked your tuning as well?
Maybe the strings stretched and contracted under heat.

How about your bridge?
Might be to low.

Maybe you turned on your gain.Lol.
yeah it's in tune. It's more the less on the lower strings E A and D , especially A and D.
I have never done anything with the bridge because I really wouldn't know what to do with it lol. Perhaps the strings did stretch and contract cuz of the heat, taht's what i meant by having it in my car.... being in the heat. I tried to go through each possibility as best I can and I don't think it's the pick-up because the single notes come through crisp and clear and i know it's not the tuning or the knobs cuz i chekced them over and again. Finally I know it's not the amp cuz like i said my other guitar sounsd fine. So who knows....
is the action any different? strings further from the neck than they were before?