here's my story:
im in my second year of woodshop at my school and my teacher said to pick a project so i decided i wanted to build a guitar. he said it was fine if i find plans and find out the cost of the total project. alright, so what i'm asking you people is
1. Where can i get plans, parts, and a pickguard
2. how much do u think it will cost (plus lumber)
3. do you think that i can finish it within the year ( i have the class every day for 40 minutes, and it's a full year class)
thanks for the help everyone

it is probably around 300 no electrics, pushing 700-800 for a decent full playable guitar.

You should be able to finish it easy. Your looking at 100-120 hours.
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you could cut down the cost by making a rear routed guitar. Maybe keep it to one pickup (bridge humbucker) with a strat shaped body. Then all you have to buy is a humbucker and a tone and volume pot(s) plus a neck. Then hardware and a neck.
i think he wants to build the guitar himself, wich is why you shouldn't give him the warmoth link....

you can get parts at guitarfetish or ebay, even on your local stores you might find something affordable..... the most expensive things are the wood (wich i suppose is supplied by the school?) and the pickups if you go for good dimarzio/seymour duncan ones..... but the rest is below the 10-30 range.... according to some calculations done by me, you could get it for around 500 for a playable decent guitar with the wood included....

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Im building an explorer/strat guitar for my project, maple, emgs, locking trem, the works, and it looks like its gonna cost me bout ?450-550 altogether.
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1) Sticky!

2) How long's a piece of string?.... How much it's going to cost you depends alot on what woods, pickups, hardware, etc you decide to use.

3)Yeah you should finish in time.