Hello everyone. I've recently purchased an Ibanez RG370Dx, and I think its pretty good, but a couple of weeks ago I saw an Ibanez S prestige, and I was AMAZED. The body was so thin! I fell in love with it. I am unhappy with my 370's tremolo because the whammy bar is a slide in, not a screw in, so it constantly falls out. I am really interested in buying an S prestige, but some people claim (My mom, sister) that I shouldn't get such an expensive guitar ($1000 USD) because I've only been playing for 2 years. Others say I should save up money and get a nice guitar rather than buying cheaper ones (My guitar instructor). I am definately dedicated to guitar, and I know I'll stick with the S prestige, but do you think I should wait to get better? I really don't see the point. I know I'll get it eventually. Please, post your opinions.
Wtf does your title have to do with this?

Save your money you rere.

When your learning guitar having a more difficult guitar to learn on is much better since you will build better muscle and technique so when you get a real good one you can pwn the shiznit out of it.
Low end Ibanez = rubbish. Always look for bargains and second hand guitars, avoid buying things new. Buy a guitar from a time when the production/build quality was a lot higher within the specific manufacturer. If you're after an RG, definately have a look out for older RG550's (a now discontinued model).

In your situation, i'd hold back.. save up money and make do with what you've got. Keep an eye out for bargains on second hand guitars, and if something that you can't turn down comes up then go for it and sell your 370DX.
Ya, I wouldn't listen to your mom and your sister, because they don't seem to understand your dedication. Are you going to keep the 370 as well as the S prestige? I actually would consider waiting because the 370 will be fine for the time being, and peoples tastes change as they progress. Trust me.
In regards to the title (which seemingly has nothing to do with your post), it's definitely a matter of skill.
It depends, if you have the money to spend anyways I say do it. How much more money are you ever going to spend on a guitar? I don't know what your guitar teacher is talking about saving up for a better one. IMO $1000 is getting you a great guitar, unless you're a professional. Either way you have to ask yourself if you really NEED the S or if you WANT the S that badly. BTW, I have an S (not even a Prestige) and I love it.
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I was thinking of selling the 370 to my friend after I got the S prestige. But I know that I'll stay with the S. The only reason I want a new one is because I'm unsatisfied with my current one. I've played a prestige to and it was awesome.
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