a distortion pedal gennerally produces a more tube like soft clippng sound, whereas fuzz pedals gennerally have a more unique kida, well fuzzy sound. If you play both side by side youd definately notice the difference, but its kinda hard to describe.
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im not an expert on fuzz pedals, but i believe it is more chucky and crunches more that distortion, distortion is more smooth
Purple Haze the intro, thats fuzz.
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sounds like if you had a chorus and a distortion at the same time, just go on the jim dunlop website and chek the hendrix fuzz you'll see what I mean. Personnaly, I don't find it nice
Fuzz is the product of a damaged speaker. Back in the 60's people would slash the cones of their amps to create fuzz. Eventually companies decided to manufacture pedals to simulate the sound. The same thing happened with distortion and overdrive. Distortion is more like a beaten up amp, rather than one with a slashed cone. Say if the it were old, internal parts could rust or get worn down and distortion was the result.
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