Hi All,

Wondering if someone can please answer me a question about the Heil Talk Box.

I am just a hobby player and I want to get a talk box just to have a mess around with. I am just playing in a small room and dont have a mic and a PA and I was wondering with the Heil, will I still be able to hear the sound just out of the tube only if I dont have a mic??

I found out through this youtube video that with the Rocktron Banshee you dont need to have an mic, this kid is playing even without an AMP he just plugs his guitar into the banshee and the sound out of the tube is enough for a small room.


If I connect the Heil as required where the output from my amp is fed into the talk box, will the sound be enough to be heard in a small room as in the youtube vid with the banshee?

Because Im only a hobby player the rocktron would probably do me fine but at the website I was looking at both the Heil and the Rocktron are around the same price so I thought I should go with the Heil since its the original talk box and used with most of the pros and If I dont need to have the mic and PA for the Heil then I will get that one and at least later on if I need to I can add these