This is just a comical song I wrote, but I like it. Tell me what you think!

You ask me why I?m up so late,
As you come walkin? through that door,
Baby, I?ll let you contemplate,
Oh, yeah we?ve done this before.
An? I?m sick and tired of your lies,
Be lucky if ya go outta this house alive.

Say you want another chance, baby,
Don?t wanna have to go,
Well, Buster, get a move on,
Or I?ll kick you out that door.

Baby, you?re dead to me, dead to me,
What do you expect of me, expect of me,
I?ve listened to your lame ol? lies,
Just too many thousand times.
You?re outta here, outta here,
I don?t need you near, need you near.
Just head on out that door top-speed,
Cause, baby, you?re just dead to me.

You thought I?d never know the truth,
That you been sneakin? round all night ,
Oh but baby I can see right through,
Your cheatin?, lyin?, little mind,
Try to tell me that you?re with your friends,
Well, baby, didn?t you see the end?!



(Talk/sing through next lines.)
Say that you still need me,
Well, baby, that?s kinda hard to believe?


Yeah, you?re dead to me.
Oh, yeah.
Baby, nothin? but dead to me.
cHEER uP, eMO kiD!
lol thanks definetely a country hit written by the cowgirl herself *mwah* lol
cHEER uP, eMO kiD!