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I don't want to sound like an ass but this is asked a lot, plus you might find what you're looking for much sooner if you search then wait for someone to reply.

Challenging song?

Try Portait of Tracy by Jaco, or Moonlight Sonata by Stu Hamm.

And if you do...see you in 3 years.
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How many threads asking this same question have been posted in the last month? I lost count at 39231...
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/\ second that man.

get better at learning your theory by making your own songs, you'll slowly develope your ability to play more difficult songs, and by that time, you will have found them yourself.
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...and for fun, I try to do Alkaline Trio songs. Dan's kind of impressive at times on bass. Especially on Jaked on Green Beers and Armageddon, but that's just my personal opinon, not fact, mind you.