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Strike a note?...pinch harmonic?...elephant noise?..divebomb?..motorcycle chifting gears?...vibrato?..rubbing a piece of metal up and down, side to side on the strings to make it sound like a video game?
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put something motorized near your pickup... like my electric Razor... i htink Kirk hammet used a tooth brush briefly during some kind of monster... the documentory not the song
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Cum on your guitar, that will make a pretty cool noise.

just attempted, messed the guitar. no sound made.
Activate the wah pedal while on distortion. Take the cable out of the guitar then touch the stopbar/whammy (anything metal) with the metal part of the guitar cable and rock the pedal. Sounds like a turn table effect. You gotta do it right, though. WoRd...
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On my Digitech RP50, i got some patch named "Screechy Guitar Noises", its just a setting with the Modulation setting Y2 (for any of the RP users), which is meant to be a Digitech Whammy effect, that you use with a Volume/Expression Pedal.
I don't have a vol/express, so it just makes screechy sounds, sorta like feedback.

Yeh, Ebo's are pretty cool for making sounds, its basically just an Electro-magnet that vibrates your strings instead of you plucking them, has a bit of a fade in effect as well. The guy I know who has one says its "Good for Atmospheric stuff".

You could always just get your guitar really close to your amp for screechy sounds (Matt Bellamy did this once in Glastonbury), or just pickslide, or use any smooth metal objects (like a tremolo arm) to go up and down the strings.
Zippo Lighter! if you are truly psychadellic though, you would have already done this since I'm sure you know who Syd Barrett is.
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Zippo Lighter! if you are truly psychadellic though, you would have already done this since I'm sure you know who Syd Barrett is.

yeah thats a cool trick too, looks badass when you whip out a zippo onstage.
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If you have a tremelo system, take the back plate of the guitar off and run your pick up and down the springs. Good effect.
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Get a remote for a tv, point it at the pickups about an inch away, hold down a button, and tah dah, you have star wars machine gun noises. Pew Pew Pew!
Take a 10 watt amp and turn it up like you were playing a 112 watt amp. I did this with my distortion and volume all the way up and the feedback was ear ringing. You'll only try this once...
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Spend about ten thousand dollars are pedals and weed. Lots of cool noises that way.
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if you have a delay pedal with a bunch of knobs for tweaking the delay, like the boss dd-6 or something, try moving the knobs around really fast while playing. you'll get all kindsa wierd sounds.
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spend thousands on Pink Floyds pedal board and turn them all on at once!!! <Pink Floyd's tone> its a cool way to make noise

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use a phone near it, OR to make the coolset effect ever, splash yourself with water WHILE its connected and on you, trust me its electrifing *NO PUN INTENDED* i did this and............I LOST HALF MY TESTICLE!!!!!!!!! YAYNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Delay and reverb and pitch shifters with maxed levels...and a glass bottle or a nice edge and move the neck up and down.