Hey I got a question on preserving the finish on my MIM telecaster. Its starting to get some wear on the finish just below the metal bridge plate where my finger rests. Might seem silly cause i know its gonna do it sooner or later, but I would like to prevent it as much as possible until I get a regular guitar cleaning kit. Would an automotive wax help or would it be harmfull to the finish? Any other ideas would be great.
car wax on painted surfaces is fine.
make sure ur using a real polishing cloth. anything too rough will leave swirls.

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leave it worn looking seriously it looks so much cooler then a new looking guitar, you should see my new guitar i bought(it was used and 40yrs old)

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use mcguires car wax on it, make sure to get both the cleaning wax and the polishing wax, only use the polishing for scratches and the cleaning for the shine