My Epiphone SG g-400 is my favorite, but a lot of the time when I use it, the volume goes up and down by itself. This does not happen on my Squier Strat. I use a Fender frontman 15 watt amp and the input jack is breaking (but the other guitar is fine so thats not it). Anyone know what this means?

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My Stuff:
Epiphone G-400
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 2*12
Squier Strat

I need some pedals...like for effects and maybe a nice distortion pedal, ideas would be highly appreciated!
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Well I think I had a similar problem with my little Epiphone SG this past summer. I simply opened the back up, and found that some of the copper wire connected to the input jack was untied and I just tied it back over the input jack, and the problem was fixed. I'd probably try that if I were you.
it could be ur cable i know u checked it but sometimes it that, and it might be ur amp cause thats what my amp does. but u should probablly just get a new cable.
Sounds to me like you wanna get soldering.

Probably just a loose wire.

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