This is the first time ive ever posted lyrics so go easy...

Standing in the rain
and i dont mind
never did its just a waste of my time

Standing at the bridge
and looking in
never thought youd have to pay for my sins

Standing at the edge
i only felt
a little rain and it was just so swell

I dont mind you
I dont like you
I cant stand you
But ill try to
So anyways thats all i have right now and id appreciate some feedback thanks
omg your so stupid your supposed to read the rules omg your supposed to title the topic the name of your omging song omg
First of all read the rules for the board--no more "crit please" threads post THE TITLE and that alone.

But after that--you're incredibly vague--I love the subject matter, but expand on it. there's not much there, it lacks a strong voice
This is not good, not good. Did you write this just to write this? That's the feel I get from it. I think you're missing actual emotion in this. I mean, you use the word rain quite a bit for how long it is. I really don't like the way it ends or the part where you wrote "I only felt a little rain and it just felt so swell."
I did sort of like this part, but it's not enough. I'd work this into a different song, or revamp this one entirely "Standing at the bridge and looking in"
By the way,
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Yeah sorry about the title...shoulda the rules i guess lol
I should have really said this before but whats written their is just the first verse not the whole song or anything ...
I love your chorus, I imagine it being belted out by a Chris Cornell or someone of that caliber. Awesome!!!! glad to hear this is just a 1st verse but what is the title.....quickly B 4 it gets locked up.
I dont have a title for it yet umm i have to still think of one ...yes im incredibly lazy writing half a song with no title