I havea crybaby, and i was wonderiing, when i step on it, i have to put alot of force on it to engage, like my whole body into it and im a pretty big guy, is this normal? or should it be a tad earier to engauge and disengauge?
it's not normal; it should be as easy as a pedal with a small round button. if you look under the foot thing thats all it is, a button at the front, and sorry, but i've no clue as to how to correct it.

maybe the buttons loose, or theres some dust/lint in where it makes contact, they're built tough but a little button is just that, a little button
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Mmm, there should be something for you to tune up. It makes the pedal easier to...well...pedal. I'm not too sure either, it should be in your manual thing when you got your wah.
Yea it should be A LOT easier to use. Check it out and read the directions! They should answer any questions, if it doesn't tell you how to fix it or doing what it says doesn't work. I would take it back and get a new one or take it to someone who knows how to fix it.
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I had that same problem with mine, all what I did was unscrew the actually pedal part, glue a quarter in the slot and I didn't have that problem anymore.