I like metal Like Metallica and Lamb of God, hard rock as well. At the mo got a ****ty Epiphone Les Paul Special II that a guy I know who knows nothing about guitars things its the greatest guitar of earth so he's going to give me near £100 for it and I have about £200 to add to it.

So £300, £350 pushing it, whats a good guitar to get? give me a decent list so I can try a few out to see which I like best, thanx
I don't know how much £350 is in USD, but you could try a Les Paul Standard Plain-top.

They're $400 USD.

EDIT: Yeah, the plain-top would be like £315
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Metallica fans buy Jacksons a lot don't they?
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god knows.
that les paul, is it epiphone?
edit, cool found the standard for £300, I'll give it a test drive tomorrow some time
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god knows.
that les paul, is it epiphone?

More then likely.

But me personally, I would get a jackson. Very nice guitars in that price range.