I've been playing for approximately half a year now, and I think I should upgrade my gear in the near future. Currently I own a Vox AD30VT so I don't plan to upgrade my amp any time soon until I get much better. For my guitar, I have an RG321MH. I upgraded the bridge pickup to a Seymour Duncan Invader (was cheap) and it doesn't really sound that great.

So I was thinking, should I upgrade my guitar or buy a new one? I was thinking if I were to upgrade the guitar, i'd save up some money to buy some active EMG's 81/60 but I don't know what else I'd do with the guitar other than effects and what not. Any suggestions?
Oh yes, I forgot about that, I really enjoy playing Metallica stuff, bunch of Thrash metal, some Muse stuff, general rock, but more to the metal side I guess. I haven't thought of a budget yet so i'm gonna go with around 400-500 Canadian for upgrades. Possibly less depending on how much money I spend throughout the year.
hmmm i wouldnt advise the EMG's for muse stuff maybe some bareknuckle pickups but not too sure if you would be able to afford them if not swineshead pickups are alright and probably a distortion pedal for the metal stuff
I'd go with a new guitar. A mid-level Schecter should do you some good.