Hey guys, throwing a party, need some really catchy good techno music. Any suggestions?
My favorite techno song ever is probably the one off of Groove the movie, John Digweed - Heaven Scent
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What is love- Haddaway
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techno rules. even though the last one isn't really techno
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we have a thread for techno and other dance music right here:
there are heaps of suggestions there.

what kind of stuff are you talking about? can you name a few tracks that are similar to the ones you want? when someone says "techno" they rarely actually mean techno so i'm not gonna list a bunch of stuff you probably don't want without more info.

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~"Numa Numa" by O-zone~ all the way...
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~"Numa Numa" by O-zone~ all the way...

that song is called 'dragostea din tei' actually.

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