i know there has obviously been other threads done on this exact same topic but. what would be the best pedal for MY setup. i know i dont have anthing thats really meant at all for metal but i wanna see how close i can get. im thinking metal muff. what do you guys think?
yeah metal muff, try it out first the rocktron silver dragon is good too.
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i got the line6 uber metal, sounds really good has a built in noise gate thats awesome.
ibanez rocks
If you can find it the Boss Heavy-Metal pedal is a great pedal, unfortunatly it's discontinued and hard to find.
Every guy and his brother plays that "metal" shyte these days don't they.

Anyways.. Metal Muff, nuff sed.

Otherwise I'd reccomend a Damage Control Solid Metal. Costs twice as much, but performs 10 times better.
These go to eleven...
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