For those who can, what technique/practice routine did you use to do it? Im just starting to learn to play faster, and there's a million differnet methods ive read about such as the 21 day method, building speed gradually with a metronome, programming you fingers etc.

How did you guys learn, and what do you think is the best way?
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Well, I've gotten closer to being able to shred mostly thanks to improved practice. Better technique, better commitment and focus, and using more applicable ideas instead of exercises.
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use anything and everything you can... if your goal (as is mine) is to be able to play anything and everything. why would one want a weak point in their guitar playing?

it takes lots of time and dedication. theres no real fast way to go about it. like those weight loss programs... you have to go at it really hardcore if you really want anything to happen.
im working on shredding too..i started out doing scales on a metronome..it helped my endurance control and timing..im also practicing some legato lessons from the site and im doing sweeping right now..i try to do everything..it really takes time and comitment unless your truely gifted..

we discussed this in psychology class that childred who learned to play a string instrument before the age of 12 tend to excell more...i started around 14 but didnt get serious about it until about 15-16...i can still advance but not as fast as it would be if i started playing at a younger age...

scientifically its because the functions in the adolescent brain are already begining to somewhat stabilize its self...unlike those under 12 the skills needed to play a string instrument develope better and stay with them through practice..

so just practice and dedicate...oh and one other thing i dois i used to just focus on different techniques and excercises...i was good at that but when it came to playing actual solos it was still alittle slow..so along with practice i try to set goals of solos to learn..these can contain different techniques and develope your soloing vocab or something like that...seeing how the patterns are..