I'm having another crack at trying to get my slide technique sorted and decided to go grab a glass knuckle slide as my big-arse brass one is just way to heavy for my stubby fingers. Anyway I thought i'd have a look at their new stock, I near had a heart attack as they had a rack of 20 odd mix of Martins and Matons. I decided I could do without lunch and settled myself in for a bit of "testing". Being a Martin fan (although not having the scratch to own one just yet), I started on a couple of D16's, a DC15E and a D28. Then a Maton Messiah caught my eye, never having the opportunity to play one I thought i'd give it a bit of a run before I moved onto the 'more in my price range' D-15. PHARKING HELL, every Martin I had played up until then sounded like dogs balls in comparison to this. The tone on these things is out of this world, my fingers just glided over the fretboard and the sustain had each note resonating through my body. I sat and played for 30 minutes straight, ignoring the nasty glares of the store clerks. I seriously HAVE to get one of these, it's without doubt the best thing I have ever played. I know I know, totally pointless thread, but being from musically deficient family and friends, I had to tell someone and you guys are sh*t out of luck.