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Here's the scenario. You are invited to a jam session where you know no one and you walk in with bass in one hand and a small bass amp in the other. The guitarist points at your amp and laughs mockingly, then proceeds to direct you to his array of Marshall stacks. The drummer laughs too, because he thinks his Bonham kit will be louder than anything your bass amp can put out.

You quietly put your gear down, put in your earplugs, plug in, and with a smirk, you proceed to turn on your tiny little bass amp. Small as it is, it is louder and punchier than both the guitarist's and drummer's output combined and you blow them away. Their jaws drop to the ground--they can't believe that weeny leetle bass amp is pushing that much air.

Yeah, unrealistic as it sounds, I want to be able to do that.

I want a reliable little combo bass amp that sounds tight and punchy, and can really push air and make the other bandmates insanely jealous. Money is no object. What would be your choice for this moment of glory? The smaller the better.
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The Zen of Duh: How low can you go? Zero Hertz. That's the lowest anyone can go. Just turn off your bass amp and not play.

Q-tuner PUs (0X0 configuration) and HG Thor Labs for the best fretless bass tone. MWAH FACTOR!!!
Twas the reason my band had so many problems.

"I need to be heard over his crappy bass playing!" -- Lead guitar.
"Dude, I can't hear myself sing." -- Singer.
"*drumfill,drumfill,drumfill,doublebass,scream into the tom mic*" -- Drummer.
"....Hey, guys, can we do that again, but without the primadonna-ing? I had to cut the recording whilst you guys had a 'Hey, my wang is bigger than yours' contest." -- Me in the closet we converted into a makeshift soundbooth.
Anyway...I'm in a same situation as you---I'm 16 and I want a really light and compact bass combo...So I was looking at the GK Backline 110...so that could be a recommendation...right?
All I can say is... woah... people are seeing the light!!! The halfstack is going out of fashion!!!

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Yeah !!! Combos are emerging from the ashes of Yngwie, Pete, Nugent, and so on and so on.........
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

Keep the faith, baby!!
Hmm, I really suggest that you post this in the bass forum, they'll probably know more about bass amps.
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