**** that clean is awful, try adjusting your EQ cause that is just wrong.

Distortion is better than the clean, its not great but its okay for bedroom guitar.

P.S you seem to have some difficulty playing with your guitar slung so low, can i sugest you bring it up a bit?
I tried to make the clean more warm. I put it on the neck pickup and put alot of bass. I can record the clean on the bridge pickup if you like, with less bass. But that's the sound I was going for in that vid.
The clean is a bit too bassy for me and doesnt fit well with the song, But that is just my opinion. It might have just been way it was recorded, it would sound decent for slow-jazz though, yet again with less bass. Half decent effects though.
The distortion is the right level of gain for the song, but yet again sounds too bassy for me. Maybe you are trying to compensate because there is no bass in the backing track? It would be a decent tone for brit punk from the 70's.
Keep at it man and try using different levels of freq.
The recording makes everything sound a little more bassy than it really is. I cant help that. I know what you mean, i noticed that aswell. I should of pointed that out in my first post.
its not too bad, but it isnt really good either, i think youve done pretty well considering the limitations of your amp.
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Sounds ok IMO (but im a tone phreak). Id reccomend you too play your guitar higher up, even if it doesn't look as cool you'll finding it easier to play and will play better, which in the end is better.
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You seem really familiar.

Did you do a cover of "you shook me all night long"?
Did you do a cover of "you shook me all night long"?

Yeah but i did that ages ago when i wasn't very good at guitar.
I got a better, trebly setting so I am going to record a better sound sample. No backing track, pure guitar
Come back in about 2 hours. I am going to record a better clean and distortion
Raise youre guitar up, change your hair, and stop playing greenday. maybe then ill take you seriously

the clean was bad, too much mids not enough treble, Re-Eq that.. a little too bassy too.

The distortion was ok.
^I play barely any Green Day. Its just power chords and its not much fun. I usuelly play Metallica, The Living End, RHCP, stuff like that. I learnt alot of Green Day songs when i first started because it was good to get my power chords working easily.

Raise youre guitar up, change your hair

I tried raising my guitar and it wasn't very comfortable to strum. Maybe it takes some getting used to. And at least my hair's not like emo **** you see to much of these days.
Tone sounds ok to me, one thing i noticed, try strumming with your wrist rather than your elbow, it'll give you more accuracy. Its up to you however really, what ever you feel most comfortable with.
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Camera's stuffing up. Ill have it tommorrow. Or at least i will try to. BTW if you looked at my other vids i have alot of non-Green Day. I know there isn't much variety there but i only just started putting stuff on YouTube.