Im new and not sure if this belongs in the electric guitar section but i figured its played by Metallica on electric so I may as well ask it here. Do you use all downstrokes, as i have heard James Hetfield uses all downstrokes, or do you alternate pick it, im especially interested in the intro section, is it better to play it one way or another?
I personally downstroke it to death. Whole song, apart from the solo.. And the clean part.

I think Hetfield uses all downstrokes. It's personal preference really. I think it looks and feels healthier to downstroke it, so I do.

Learn both. It's relatively fast, so it's good practice for both.
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I think they use only down strokes

I know a fella who can play it using only upstrokes.
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it sounds more chuggy with all down strokes, but if your distorting it like a biatch then your not gonna here much of a diff between downs and alt picking. im learning it down stroke cause i find it easyier to control the rythm, but that's probably more to do with my poor alt picking ability, even though i alt pick absolutely every solo.
^you'll actually find downstroking gives a more consistant tone, it sounds rubbish with alt picking
thats what i thought (to use all downstrokes) that is how i was learning but i thought i would just see, i play all solos alternate too but it just seems much easier and comes out better if you downstroke it all, it does sound much healthier, i need a bit of work before perfection though!!
the doooooownstrokes hurt to play but I force myself to deal with it until I get to parts where it's easy to alternate pick

Play both ways but the way the song sounds im sure it's all downstrokes for the intro
yeah i can only play it alternate at full speed, but i agree it sounds crap alternate picked... i gotta put some time into memorising the solos lol
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ain't you supposed, like, depress the strings against the frets n' pluck them..
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I love the ending. You know, after the solo? Is it the bridge? I dunno. But the bit just before "Hell is worth all that".

Genius. So fast, so lovely. Makes my right arm as strong as it is :P
My name is Marc! Silly username.
I downpick the spider riff. That's the riff you're mainly concerned about I'm guessing.

For the rhythyms that James sings during, I alternate pick. But most people downpick.
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James downpicks EVERYTHING, but he's one of the best there is/was at that whole downpicking thing. Personally I alternate pick. If you do it right there shouldn't be any inconsistancy in your tone.
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i downpick everything, its just soo much more natural and easier for me. I dont like the sound of alternate picking on a riff like that........ but i agree that is a song that will build your right arm up trust me, try the trivium version for that little bit extra speed and burn.