if you lower or heighten a pickup what differences does it make to the sound tone of harmonics and bits and peices.
Any help would be appreciated
the closer the pickup are to the strings the louder the output is. but there is a problem to putting them high. you can get fret buzz because the magnets pull the strings and also you could also get less sustain because of the magnets pull of the strings. The lower the pickups the more they rely on the wood to get the sound usualy used for rythm.

The higher the pickups the better your cleans but try not to set them to high. The neck pups are usualy higher and the bridge is usualy lower to sorta have a increase in lows.

i have a tele so i wouldnt kno abt the 2nd pup in a strat but i would guess in between the 1dt and 3rd.

Good luck!!
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also if you have active pickups you can put em as high as you want as long as they don't physically interfere with the strings due to the minimal coil windings.

I find often that raising pickups equates slightly to the raising of treble/tone which can be a good or bad thing, of course you get much more output and a great thing is that you can absolutely kill those pinch harmonics, however you may get more unwanted harmonics if you're not to good at muting.

generally raising pickups increases their output/sensitivity, lowering them lowers their output/sensitivity, and some pickups can change tone slightly depending on whether their raised or lowered.
I'm sure I've heard that raising the pickups too high can cause tuning problems aswell. Is this also the case with active pups?
nah, actives don't cause enough magnetic resistance in my experience to put a guitar out of tune. of course make sure the strings aren't phsyically hitting the pickup.