Ok Can someone Tell Me WHat Each of These Do:



FX Loop:

Piezo Tweeter:

XLR Output:

I might add more to the list that's all I can think of

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Limiter - stops your signal going over a set threshold, so evens our your playing level

Compressor - similar to the above but with a lower ratio, brings out the quieter parts of the signal, again to even out the sound a bit.

fx loop - an output for you external effects, so it goes out the amp, to the effects unit and back into the amp to the amps output

piezo tweeter - not sure what the diff is between this and a normal tweeter, but a tweeter looks after the high frequencies in the audio signal

XLR Output - Balanced output for your your signal to be routed to (usually) a PA system of desk for recording or further amplification
Um....sooo can you still use pedals through an amp without an fx loop? my pedal should be mailed by tomorrow so im pretty desperate to try it on my ****ty amp.
^ yes you can. you just put the pedal between the bass and the amp. obviously you will need more cables..
If I'm right, don't I need more if I use an fx loop?

sorry if i sound stupid...but whats the advantage of having an fx loop?
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an FX Loop gives you the ability to send it to an external piece of kit. Not all effects units are stomp boxes (pedals). For pedals, it's fine. Also, the longer the cable, the more interference you get, so a shorter loop will give you less interference in your signal. Many FX Loops are balanaced