Hi ppl
I've been playing 9 months and I love it, so I'd like to buy a book that explains things such as the circle of fifths, the modes, different types of scales, how to do build scale etc...
I know I can read lessons online but I prefer to read them on paper, so I can read them wherever I want.
Do you know any good books to suggest me (and if u know where I can buy it online it's better )?
Thanks in advance, bye.
"The Complete idiots guide to music theory" by far one of the best books i ever read. Explains everything(circle of fifths, modes, key sig, maj and min scales, Staff and notes,time sig,intervals,chord building and much more) in terms anyone can understand. After you read this book all other music books make sense. Study this one first then move on to others,even thougt after you study this one you might not need any others.
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