Hey guys,
i have a cheap mexican style strat that i've dissassembled. i'm going to repaint it, make it fretless, refinish the neck possibly, and the thing i'm still on the wall about is sanind down the heel about a quarter inch.
I know that i would have to get shorter bolts so they don't go through the fingerboard but i'm curious if this will hold the neck or not. It's about a two inch heel, and i want to sand it 1/4 to 1/2 an inch down. How much sanding would make a difference in the upper fret acces without sacrificing the whole guitar possible breaking.
P.s. I'm sanding the Actual body heel not the neck's heel.
It'll be fine. It's not really about taking wood off though, it's more about making the heel comfortable in the palm of your hand.
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Should be fine as long as you don't take more than about 15mm off the bottom corner. You only really need to take wood off the bottom corner so that its a little easier to access the higher frets- its pretty pointless to take much off the top corner. Take a look at some of Ibanez' bolt-on necks as a guide, if you're unsure
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