I need to kno some good acoustic songs to play........ its for a gig at a coffee shop..... any convertible hard rock songs as well will do.... thx... by convertible hard rock song, i mean a heavy song tht can sound good as an acoustic one.....
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u shud definitly do time or ur life by green day. u cant really convert it into hard rock but it can b played on an electric 2. gd luck.
stuff off of Godsmack's acoustic album, the songs written for that album sound good on acoustic guitar. Rock on in a hollow body
Tom Petty has a lot of songs that you can strip down to chord progressions and strumming patterns - American Girl, Into the Great Wide Open, Last Dance With Mary Jane

Neil young - Heart of Gold, Needle and the Damage Done

Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice it's Alright

John Mayer - Daughters

James Taylor - Fire and Rain
Pick up Richie Kotzen's coustic cuts. One of the best acoustic guitar albums IMO. Trust me, get it.
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Drive by Incubus
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Nirvana Come as you are sounds great unplugged or all the songs on the album Nirvana Unplugged in New York (hence the name)

And that green day song isnt called time of your life its called Good Ridance
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