I dont start my music theroy class till second semester (febuary). So i was wondering what are some things i should learn first, to get sort of a head start.

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Learn what makes up a Major scale. Dont worry about the minor yet. Learn what chords are made of. Such as Triads, 7's, Major, Minor, Augmented, Diminished. What each sharp of flat shows you what key you are in. How long each beat lasts, like crotchet, quaver. Look at rests, how long they are and what they look like. Draw them. Look at a stave (music) figure out what note is on each thing.

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Yeah, learn both common clefs (treble and bass) and basically all about reading music. Learn about intervals (major,minor,perfect,agumented,diminished). Learn about time signatures, compound and simple beats. Also, know a bit about chords and be able to tell intervals by ear. Thats what we've donein our theory calss so far this semester. However, they will teach you that stuff so don't sweat it too much.