For the last year I've been playing in a pop punk band. Everythings been going ok apart from the drummer. He's always missing practice becouse he would rather go out with his other mates and stuff like that. We've told him that if he keeps doing this he'll get the boot but he said he didnt mind. We would just go and find another drummer but every one we know likes classic rock and metal and stuff like that. becouse of this i started to lose interest in the band and missed a practice, and now i might be getting kicked out. i love playing with the singer and bassist and i just dont know what to do. could any of you guys give me any advice on what to do??
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give him the boot get a new drummer maybe play a couple songs the drummer likes and everybodys happy
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Doesn't sound like the drummer's into it. Let him go and find someone who really cares about what they're doing. Otherwise, things like this are bound to happen again in the future. Musicians are brats for the most part. You just gotta keep digging through 'em until you find the reliable ones. Peace.