hey i got this epi g400 custom came with 3 stock humbuckers, they all sound muddy i have a marshall mg30 wich does not help but i purchased a roland cube 15 ,sounds better but not good, anyway im looking to replace the pickups any suggestions would be appreciated, i like ac-dc, rush, van halen,skynyrd and alot more, ok thanks for any advice
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a G400 isnt a les paul. Its an SG. Probably Seymour Duncan Jb's bridge pickup

^yeah, and perhaps a jazz in the neck.
Also look at Barenuckles
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I like Epi LP's. You got a problem, PM me!
i know its tagged les paul custom with an sg shape i dont get it either
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You better make sure you didnt pay the LP Custom price then. The SG should have been cheaper.