Right now I'm just using a really crappy amp that came in my Ibanez starter pack. I havn't been playing long, I got the starter kit for xmas last year but didn't play much and only started lessons 2 1/2 months ago. I'm getting more serious about playing the guitar, but my amp sounds like ****.

Although I'm still just a beginner, i like to try and play rock/classic rock/ eventually learn some blues and reggae. So basically nothing too hardcore.

What would you guys/girls suggest i buy? Price range is pretty much open for anything right now. (I wanted a new guitar but i thought it would be smarter to get an Amp first..? Or should i get a guitar first?)
I'd get a new amp as Ibanez guitars are generally good for their price. If all you want to do is play at home then look at some modelling amps like the Roland Cube series or the Vox AD15VT. I think the Vox would suit you better and they are good amps, I have the AD30VT.

As an alternative you could get a Line 6 POD 2 or a Behringer V-Amp2 and run them through decent PC speakers or a HiFi. I have the Vamp 2 and as an upgrade from a beginner amp it is amazing value for money. It might also give you an idea what more expensive amps you'd like to save for in the future.

Hope that helps.
It's not just for my house, i go to my friends house almost every weekend and we record songs. He's got a bass and my other friend sings, even though we suck... we're getting better though
I'd definetly check out the Roland Cube 30 or the Vox AD15VT, both have great tone for modeling amps. Avoid Marshall MGs, and Line 6 Spiders.
If you jam with other people then its probably best to get the 30W versions of the Vox ADVTs or the Cubes.