If any of you guys uses this method I would like to know how much does it take to complete the first volume of rythym guitar.
I know it can vary from one person to another. I would jus like to know an avrage.
I have one of his books, one of my friends had his verison of him teaching sabbath songs. Really cool and it comes with the CD but I got through it really fast.
The following is taken from http://www.stetina.com/tss.html#6 :

6. How long will it take me to get through these methods?

It depends on your playing level, the amount you practice, and how you practice.

Generally speaking, my books tend to pack in a lot of material so they'll last you a bit longer. Figure on maybe 4 to 6 months of diligent, consistent practice to really get down the material in the volume 1s of my Metal Lead & Rhythm books. (I recommend you take them both together.) If you are coming into it with more playing experience, you may cruise through them a little faster; if you are starting from stratch, maybe longer. Don't worry about how long it will take, though. What you learn and how well you learn it is more important than how fast you progress. Also, to make sure you are practicing efficiently, read the posted info under Practice Tips.

For the volume 2s, you're pushing toward a professional playing level. So figure on the better part of a year or so to complete them. I know that sounds like a long time, but you'll be steadily improving all the while, so it'll be something you're having fun with -- not a grind that you're just waiting to end!

Books like Metal Guitar Tricks or the faster paced methods like Thrash Guitar will be a little quicker. The Guitar Lessons books are probably a month each or more. The Beginning Rock Guitar videos and booklets have a bit less material than a full-fledged book/CD simply becasue of their format. Maybe a couple months for all of them. But a book like Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar or Secrets to Writing Killer Songs can be used for years.

Bottom Line:

These books take longer than most others, on average, because there is more in them. Just focus on what you're getting out of them, and how much improvement you see in your playing.

EDIT: Cleaered up confusion as to where the wording comes from.
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No no. As I stated (albeit not very cleary) what I posted was from Troy's website from his FAQ.
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