Ok so i wont be getting this for a while but i cant stop thinking about it now and just couldnt resist ill probably do another closer to it. but...in 6 months time i will be getting £3000 for some savings thing my mum and dad have done since i was born...

SO bassicly im keeping a £1000 in the bank just for a rainy day later on. so thats £2000 or just over that maybe depending on how much it exactly is on a new guitar. and amp.

I play mega lots of metal for ppl who dont know and do want some nice cleans to as well though

I wasthinking of a used mesa boogie mark IV and a jackson rr1 used to?

Suggestions!!! woooo
Def the Mark IV you lucky tit!

And maybe some nice ESP with an 81 and a 60 or some BareKnuckles (Miracle Man, Mule, Cold Sweat, Nailbomb) to go mad!

I would!
Sorry to ruin your parade, but you mum and dad didn't save that money so you could blow it on gear, they probably saved it so you could buy a car or put it towards Uni costs.

Anyway.... I'd say get a custom made guitar, and some kind of boutique amp.
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