Ok, I've been playing guitar for a year and about 3 months and i just know 4 scales which are 3 major and 1 minor.
I want to learn more, and i want to learn other stuff too liek intervals and stuff but i have no teacher (i'm self-taught) and i don't know if there are lessons on music theory. I've searched but non are complete.
And btw, how do i use a scale to make a song? Do i surf around it's notes? Am i supposed to only touch the notes of the scale or i can break through a random note? I don't get that much, really...
Find a guitar teacher that is heavily based on theory so he/she can translate that to the guitar easily.
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i wanted to do that last year but i can't since i have a tough school and my parents don't let me
GREAT BOOK!!! it's by Hal Leonard called: MUSIC THEORY: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask.

Despite the subtitle, it's perfect for getting into theory and it gets in deep, by 4th chapter you're doing circle of fifths (1st chapter covers how to read staff) and it taught me a hell of a lot, like how and why chords are constructed, and that all important song key stuff that i just never got. I'm only a third of the way through it. it's pretty hard stuff but comes with a cd that helps and it's got quizzes and stuff. Should be on amazon or ask your local guitar store to get it in, it seriously is good man (the stuff you said was exactly how i felt a month ago b4 i got this book).
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They are the same (same ISBN - 063406651X) - just different covers.
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They're both the same book. One is probably a newer edition.
Tom Kolb is the author. Hal Leonard is the publisher.
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its the first book. I own it...it's awesome
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There is an amazing reference book called Hal Leonard Publishing Incredible Scale Finder, which sounds really basic and for beginners but it doesn't take any sort of stance like that, it is just a case of 'here are the scales, their formulas and positions in every key, sorted'.

Very cheap too!