Ok, at the moment i have a les paul copy guitar and am looking to install some new pickups to replace the crappy factory ones in at the moment.

I play lots of stuff from queen to metallica, but i mainly concentrate on metal and technical guitar stuff like .. technical difficulties by paul gilbert and classical pieces for electric guitar like the four seasons by vivaldi.

soooo, i was looking at DiMarzio pickups (2 humbuckers ofcourse) and i was thinking that i would probably like a nice high output pickup in the bridge position and thought the "D sonic" sounded and looked pretty nice. For the neck position i thought probably the PAF pro.

Is this a good combination does anyone know??? or just are the pickups good or not??? And generally any surgestions or alternatives???

thanks alot guys and gals.

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that is all i have to say.

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That sounds like a good setup but you could also try some Seymour Duncan's. Go to www.seymourduncan.com and check it out. The Progressive or Cutting Edge models would probably suit you well.
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