to spend on whatever I want. I currently have a Vox AD50VT and an Ibanez SZ520FM. I play a wide mix of stuff from A7X to RHCP. I find the tone of the AD50 to be alright, although I can't get a really extreme Arch Enemy sort of tone out of it (no suprise seeing as its a classic rock amp) and it dosen't take my distortion pedals very well (I have an MT2 and a DS1). Anyway, what should I spend the money on: a new amp or a wireless rig and a few pedals. Really hard decision for me, as I never normally have this much money to spend.
look for a JCM 900 dual reverb combo or a 2 channel JCM 800 on ebay (or in local advertising magazines etc. i own jcm 900 and can handle pretty much both of those tones and a lot in between. also with a valve amp, you won't need your mt-2 or ds-1 so if i were you i'd sell those and buy yourself a nice overdrive pedal to get the overdriven clean tones - halfway between clean and full on distortion and to add that little bit extra to your distortion tone if its needed. if i had that money that is what i'd do. i own an ibanez tubescreamer, this pedal does brilliantly for me, with the push of a pedal i cango from clean to hendrixy type overdrive on my clean channel and heavy rock to metal on the distortion channel. i really reccomend this type of set-up and there are lots of other UGers with the same 'type' of set-up that would also say its a good idea. hope this helps, if it doesn't don't hesitate on sending a PM my way - i did kinda rush through it so may have mucked something up and made a mistake of sorts that i haven't noticed after reading it through again.
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