Why hello again everyone, my it's been a while. I'm in the area to ask about orange drops, the funny little capacitor things. I don't know a huge amount on the subject. Could someone give a link or tell me what the effects the different numbers have upon tone.

Cheers chaps.
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they are pretty high quality caps that are in a nice package to put in a stompbox because they are small and have good leads to solder to.

they sell them at
www.smallbearelec.com under the stocklist
I use the Sprague Orange Drops....I think maybe rated for 400V, in my guitar. they're huge, though. Shoulda got a smaller voltage. I put .047 mf ones with my humbuckers....
But you're supposed to use .022 mf. Haha.

They work fine, I like em. I don't really remember what my guitar sounded like without them.
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Sempri_fi is horribly wrong, as usual.
They're huge. Only really useful for old school(non PCB) amp wiring. I've used them for that application and they're great.

They may make a tonal difference compared to other capacitors in amps...but in a guitar, no. The current flowing through them in a guitar is so tiny that any old capacitor will work.

In a guitar the only important part is the capacitance.
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I have an Orange Cap, and a volume kit in my strat.
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