Ive been playing guitar for a while now and im pretty good, and i still find myself progressing like crazy. But i never learned how to read chords. I think if i learn chords and chord progression, id be really good. obviously i can already do regular power chords but i never learned any chords with names like A Minor or anything (if thats even one.)
You should learn major scales first. You have to know that (and knowledge of what frets are what note) to be able to form chords. Browse the lessons section of this site. There is a great primer on theory.
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what's the point of this thread?

Should have learnt chords along time ago mighty max, go hurry quick. learn learn learn
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Is this the kinda thread like the one that Will_Gum made about eating his baby brother or something? Because it's not as good..
simple solution is to go learn them. again, what's the point of the thread? so we can all tell you to go learn chords?
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