Crawl on all fours and strike up the Melotron!
Cut fingers in your gloves and turn on the Alesis Micron!
Crack your spine and turn the gain up on your Digitech Fuzzbox!
We were stuck out there near the Canal a long time ago
because we failed to devise a simple and efficient business
strategy and thousands of years later we'll be right
back out there because we conduct business as usual.

When the lady at the First National Bank gives you guff,
warp your skin to fit over your new mechanical spider limbs
and give her the willies.
Show them all that at a drop of a hat that you're the
one who will shoot the lights out of this goddamn city.
In time, we'll go back to zero, suspended from wires
in a museum.
Shit lucked.
Until then, it is you, and only you, along with Chairface Chippendale, Pineapple Head, and the rest of the villains.

I never saw myself as the sad sappy sucker who listened to
Nick Drake after a bad day or as someone who had an
opinion on Chai Tea (but alas! I do).
But I shot through that shit by radioactivating my semen
to have acid like properties.
By shoving a hedge saw in my back and leaving it there.
By hooking volt metere's to my teeth.

"Is this a poem about super villains or love? I'm lost."
It's about life. Take it or leave it.
I've spent many a night behind many a girl's house
trying to part the stars with my mind.
Ask for a sign and you get vapor dust.
Ask for a miracle and you get a hemoraging Virgin Mary statue.
Ask for peace between relationships and you get a new Ben Stiller/Owen Wilson Frat Pack film.
In time, the A.L.I.U.M will arise.
Arise to confuse people on the streets.
Arise to get denied bank loans.
Arise to be laughed at in Latino ghettos.
Arise to be incompatent.
Poor advice.
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This was great. I like the fact that you didnt try to get fancy with the words but kept it simple and was still able to keep my attention....nice job.