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marshall dsl 401
6 32%
laney vc-30 212
12 63%
fender blues jnr
1 5%
Voters: 19.
seeing as its along the lines of heavier stuff, you're probably looking at the marshall. Don't be put off buy the fact its the most expensive. Its a brilliant amp, especially for the price.
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The Laney, amazing amps, really really are.
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It will definately get you the sparkly cleans á la Mr. Frusciante.. And with a boost maybe some of his old school OD too.

EDIT: OMG I spelt Frusciante wrong up there!
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hmm, two posts for laney, and 4 votes for marshall! how confusing

^make that 3 for laney, 4 for marshall. Yes, the marshall will kickass at metal,hardrock I love that amp but for indie, the laney, just haaasss to be...
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Definately the laney, With a boost you could do hard rock, But youd be hard pushed to do metal without some kind of Metal pedal or a modelling pedal (like a POD or a VAMP)
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EDIT: OMG I spelt Frusciante wrong up there!

You're going to hell!

It might get you those Fru cleans, I wasn't too impressed with the cleans, but I was blown away with the OD.
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Have you considered the Laney LC30 Mk II? I got one for £359 new, and I think I've seen them for less than that, some people prefer the tone of the VC30, but the VC has only got one channel, whereas the LC has two, with separate EQ for each channel, which is a BIG plus. You can also get the Peavey Classic 30 for under £400, that's not a bad amp, I tried all those and went for the LC30, wasn't too impressed with the DSL's cleans, or it's dirties for that matter.
^The VC has 2 channels.

And I would suggest the Blues Jr, it's cleans are amazing, definately the best of the the 3, but the Laney's overdrive is something special.
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Laney. In so many ways superior to the marshall. The Fender has a nice clean channel but I think the Laney would be more your style...
Really? Maybe it's just a boost swich thing.

But it changed the sound a hell of a lot (in an unbeliveably good way, the clean was a bit thin), I just presumed t'was a second channel
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True, there is a boost switch on it, but I don't think they could really get away with calling it a twin channel amp unless it has a separate EQ.
Lots of amps are 2 channel and share an EQ tho... doesn't matter anyway, I know what you mean.
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i have the dsl 401 and it rocks no complaints
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buy the laney, i have the 112 and it's fantastic. I looked at all 3 (the Laney vc30 range not the 3 in the poll) and there is no need to spend the extra money, so save yourself £100 and get the 112 instead it is the ****
Try out an LC aswell !!! :P
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Laney LC30

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I use the Laney (VC30 - 212) it is a two channel amp but only has one equaliser but the bright switch on the clean channel on the clean channel can compensate for that to a degree, as Laney mentions on their website the EQ sounds "musical" at any setting. It dosen't suffer from it it just makes your life simpler.
There is enough gain there for most styles of music if you use the high input with a humbucker and turn the gain right up, it can't handle some modern metal but with a pedal it probably could.
With the humbucker into the high input, the guitars volume at full and you can get a light overdrive for some rhythm stuff.
laney vc- if you don't need a 2x12, you can save another £75, into the bargain...
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